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Check out my latest videos on The Stampfl Experience and my personal page $60 Camera Bag.  Not Breaking Down My Camera Rig, Priceless. DIY Custom Foam Tire Inserts for the Heaviest of TT's Scary Moment for Dad The Bourbopple - Bourbon & Apple Juice She Fell on Her Butt a Lot Most of my videos were

We Started a YouTube Channel “The Stampfl Experience”

Seems like everyone is doing it, so why shouldn't we?  Pretty sure we are incredibly late to the game, but with social media and vlogging becoming such a huge part of the daily lives of so many, we thought we'd step into the ring and share some of our stories. 

Captured Routine

Put together a short, five minute film capturing "one fall night" at my place where routine has become all too routine.  I would like to look back and enjoy the routine that will fade as the little one grows.