About Me


I’ve touched many different visual arts, from photography to graphics design, from architecture to architectural visualization.  I’ve been in the architectural industry since 1992 when I started as a draftsman at a small firm in Whittier, California.  I’ve worked at a handful of firms over the years and even broke out on my own for a short period of time focusing on re-purposing old, late-1800’s buildings into live-work lofts/apartments in and around Pomona & Ontario, California.  During that time I pursued a passion in photography and ultimately developed a small and short career doing commercial and fashion photography.  All of these visual “realms” have helped me develop my tastes for what I believe is an aesthetically pleasing image, both graphically and architecturally – the challenge is getting those ideas into production.  To quote Daniel Tosh “See, because I’m a brilliant painter, minus my God-awful brushstrokes. Oh, how the masterpiece is crystal up here [in my head]“.  Someday I hope my brush strokes reflect the masterpiece in my head.

I’ve had to privelege and pleasure to work with and be inspired by many different people over the years, from photography & art direction to renderings & cars, the following list, in no particular order, is a shout out to those who have inspired, helped, pushed and generally supported my ADHD over the years.

Brad Nelson: www.bradnelsonphoto.com/

James Loy: www.jamesloyphoto.com/

Michael Pancheri: www.tyrolsport.com/

Jason Christiansen: www.revision21vis.com/