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Se7en Magazine

Se7en magazine was and is an online magazine that I did a few pieces for.  Still trying to locate the others, but her's one I did with Luiza Madejak and Bohemian Society clothing.

OYE Vida Guerra

Digging through my old magazine collection looking for old "tears".  Here's one that was published in June/July of 2004.


I've posted Katie and her siblings before, but in my effort to go through my old work and find new images, here's a few new edits that I wanted to share.

New Edits, Old Photographs

Here's two more photographs I've taken another stab at editing.  Jenny Toth was a wonderful model to work with and I absolutely loved the images we got from her up against the old, dark, metal door background.  However, there was this one scene that I've always struggled with - here's