My First HPA Build: Kythera-Krytac

Here to show off my latest build with the Kythera engine. I have to say, it’s been a bit of a rocky start and I’ve had to reach out to PolarStar numerous times to get some help to work out the kinks. Kudos to Mike from PolarStar who’s always been very responsive and helpful. In the end, all of the issues were a result of minor installation issues and I’m happy to report, it’s running really strong right now. It still needs some fine-tuning due to accuracy but I’m getting closer.

I’m very new to the hobby. My daughter and I were introduced just this last October 2022 and we are already both pretty well hooked. This is my second AR and only HPA rifle in that short time. I have a G&G AEG with various upgrades, including motor, barrel, hopup, bucking, nub spring, etc. My daughter’s Specna Arms AR is still pretty stock and was solid right out of the box. We both have GBB pistols and are slowly finding our way.

Links to the various parts

most everything is from but the red dots and flashlights are from amazon

My buddy, who introduced me to airsoft has an entire lineup of HPA rifles for him and his sons. So naturally, I got more interested in them as well. Enter the Krytac Trident MKII. It started its life as the “Foliage Green” color but as you can see I rectified that straight away. Speaking of straight away, I never even fired the gun as an electric rifle. Within minutes of unboxing, I was already breaking the gun down in preparation for the Kythera, 363mm long Prometheus barrel, MAXX hopup chamber, etc.

Unlike some AEGs, the Krytac Gen2 gearbox did need some modifications so that the air hose could be routed. I had already picked up an Amped airline and quickly found that it was going to be a real challenge to get that line to bend without kinking. Eventually, I ended up heating the plastic line that came with the Kythera, using a heat gun and shaping it so that made the 100-degree bend and down through the grip. I also added a silicone hose over the top of the plastic line in the grip area to give it a bit more support. I used some heat shrink as well to clean up the installation. What you may or may not notice is the tiny zip-tie I used to make sure the quick-release fitting didn’t unintentionally quickly release which I found to be a problem when connecting/disconnecting the main airline.

Links to the Krytac build

most everything is from but the red dot and flashlight are from amazon

As for the Kythera itself, I really dig all of the engineering that when into this engine. I love the trigger feel and even more, dig the idea that there are so many ways to tweak the trigger action and feel to fit your preferences. I’ve had two issues with the initial setup of the Kythera, all of which can be blamed on the engine’s location in the gearbox. Once the gearbox position is dialed, all has been good. Now I just need to make sure the nozzle alignment is dialed to get the best possible performance.

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