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MMA Business Card Design

Almost every architecture firm that I've worked for has struggled with its branding/identity.  Always up for a new graphic challenge, I generally thrust myself into the mix to stir things up a bit as well as offer my design input, asked for or not.  MMA was no different.  Using a

2012 Helmet Design

Although, most everything I've done in the last few years appears to be in the virtual realms, I do from time to time create tangible pieces.  This was the paint scheme I developed for my 2012 Bell road race helmet.


Teaming up with Rui Borges, we created Plaidcrossing; a website where our clients could view and share the photos that we took for their "senior photos".  I can't take credit for all of the photos since we both were shooting this day, but this was what was supposed to be

Endless Logo Designs

Having any sort of graphic ability, like any art form, can be both a blessing and a curse.  One item I've struggled with over the years is the design of my personal logo.  What I've found is most people in the photographic business don't care what their logo looks like...


This was the fifth promo piece I sent out to my contact list.  I believe this was the debut of my new logo as well.