Best Places to Work, New Jersey

I’ve been working at HLW since October of 2014 and since that time, the New Jersey office in Madison has grown from one employee, me, to upwards of thirty employees at times.  Also in that time, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to have some fun in the office and with the staff.  One such occasion was an opportunity to enter the Madison office to be recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in New Jersey.  Entrants were asked to create a 30 second video showing why their office should be considered and awarded.
As a team we came up with a few different ideas but the one idea that kept sticking was the ape and banana suit concept.  We went with it.  I offered to film and edit the video.  Here’s the extended director’s cut with the outtakes.  The initial 30 seconds of the video is the clip we entered for consideration.

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