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$60 Camera Bag. Not Breaking Down My Camera Rig, Priceless

In preparation of four days skiing with my family, I wanted a backpack that could hold my camera rig, complete with cage, monitor, and microphone without breaking it down while on the mountain. The Beaspire DSLR backpack turned out to be an affordable buy and performed exactly the way I

Hasselblad CFV-50c CMOS 50mp Digital Back – A Rekindled Flame

Full disclosure: I'm not a professional reviewer.  I don't review items very often, sans an Amazon review here or there.  However, with so little info on these digital backs online, I thought I would take some time to give a non-professional (anymore) photographer's point of view from a few days

Manfrotto PL-CC-193 – Camera Bag in Disguise

In my endless search to find the perfect bag for my photography gear I stumbled on the Kata 19X series of bags (191, 193, & 195).  The Kata bag was designed for smaller camcorders, but liking the overall aesthetic so much, I wanted to give it chance to be more