We Started a YouTube Channel “The Stampfl Experience”

Seems like everyone is doing it, so why shouldn’t we?  Pretty sure we are incredibly late to the game, but with social media and vlogging becoming such a huge part of the daily lives of so many, we thought we’d step into the ring and share some of our stories.  Take a look at our channel here.  We have limited content at this point, but we are working on it The Stampfl Experience

I also have my own personal channel, which is less about vlogging and more recently about RC cars https://www.youtube.com/josephstampfl

Check them out, subscribe, hit the LIKE buttons if like any of the content.

I’ve been shooting with some new gear, specifically aimed at video production.  Here’s a list of what I have been using:

Sony A6500

Sony 18-105 F/4 Lens

Interview Shotgun Mic

Fotga Shutter Release Remote

Smallrig Cage

Smallrig Nato Rail Handle

SmallRig Wooden Handgrip

Neewer 7″ Field Monitor

Feelworld F450 Field Monitor

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