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Custom RC Trophy Truck

  A little back story to the renderings above. Over the years I’ve introduced my daughter to some of the hobbies I had as a kid, one of which was radio control cars.  We purchased a very cheap RC truck and gave it to her for Christmas a few years back, but

Corner Office

Inspired to create a building and a rendering in an urban environment, this was the resulting contraption. One technique I used to scale the people correctly was to create a very quick duplicate rendering with 3D figures.  When bringing in the people in photoshop, it made scaling them much quicker and truer

Office Building

This is an office building I designed and rendered - inspired by another office building I designed for a potential client.  Four stories, 168,000 square feet with underground parking (not shown).  Built in Revit,  rendered in Octane with a fair amount of Photoshop to add the grasses (some trees) and


While looking for vacant property upstate to buy, the idea of what a retreat house might look like.  This was a first draft.

Office Center 66

During the layout/design phase of the new office space for MMA, I took the opportunity to do create some imagery using both Lumion and Octane, the latter being a relatively new program for me.  Here are a handful of images created not only to showcase the space but used as

Concrete-Cube Home

Based on the idea that one box fits all, this house was designed using the same sized concrete module throughout the entire project.  The module was either stacked end to end to create one large cube or offset to create small spaces and openings.  The concrete modules were used for

Pool House

Inspired by a design of a house I saw online, this was an attempt at photo real interiors... the exteriors were an afterthoughts. The goal here was to create a photo-real rendering using as much daylight as possible.  The model was developed and built in Revit 2014, exported and rendered in