Model Test : Sarah Frigo

It's a new year and with a new year, often comes new adventures.  For me it was an opportunity to jump back in time and do something that I once loved, but have not done professionally in over 10 years.  Fortunately for me, however, even though most of my old

Se7en Magazine

Se7en magazine was and is an online magazine that I did a few pieces for.  Still trying to locate the others, but her's one I did with Luiza Madejak and Bohemian Society clothing.

OYE Vida Guerra

Digging through my old magazine collection looking for old "tears".  Here's one that was published in June/July of 2004.


I've posted Katie and her siblings before, but in my effort to go through my old work and find new images, here's a few new edits that I wanted to share.

New Edits, Old Photographs

Here's two more photographs I've taken another stab at editing.  Jenny Toth was a wonderful model to work with and I absolutely loved the images we got from her up against the old, dark, metal door background.  However, there was this one scene that I've always struggled with - here's

Hasselblad CFV-50c CMOS 50mp Digital Back – A Rekindled Flame

Full disclosure: I'm not a professional reviewer.  I don't review items very often, sans an Amazon review here or there.  However, with so little info on these digital backs online, I thought I would take some time to give a non-professional (anymore) photographer's point of view from a few days

Dramatic Sky and Strobe Sync

Although my experiences were relatively few, I did create what I thought were some dramatic images using a technique I developed by way of experimentation* (I'm sure it was created long before I was even born, but I did actually develop it on my own... mind you this was long

Manfrotto PL-CC-193 – Camera Bag in Disguise

In my endless search to find the perfect bag for my photography gear I stumbled on the Kata 19X series of bags (191, 193, & 195).  The Kata bag was designed for smaller camcorders, but liking the overall aesthetic so much, I wanted to give it chance to be more

Captured Routine

Put together a short, five minute film capturing "one fall night" at my place where routine has become all too routine.  I would like to look back and enjoy the routine that will fade as the little one grows.